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Health Check: Minimum System Requirements for Indexers


We are receiving messages about how our indexers (distributed environment) doesn't meet the minimum system requirements, but after taking a further look at Splunk's reference hardware documentation ( I still can't seem to figure out where we are lacking in. 

The message that I'm referring to is the following:

"Health Check: Splunk server "server_name" does not meet the recommended minimum system requirements."

This is currently what we're using for all three indexers:

64-bit Linux , 16 CPU cores,  and15.66 RAM. 

If anyone could provide some guidance on this matter that would be greatly appreciated! 





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Hi @ahadghani,

are you using the ES?

I found the same problem in one of my projects: Reference Hardware for Indexers with ES is 16 GM of RAM and I had 16 GB, but the health check is done on available memory that's a little less than 16 GB (in my case 15.88, in your case 15.66).

You have three solutions:

  • disabling the health check (I'd avoid!),
  • adding 1 GB of RAM ( the best if possible),
  • modify the health check search (the last choice) reducing the threeshold to 15.50.

In my project I had a physical Indexer so it wasn't possible to add RAM, so I modified the health check search.



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