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I have 2 sources log so much like 2 gb per day just them.

What could I do to limit it? Is possible to set some filters somewhere (where?)

Either is there another way to permit to send less logs from them?

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hi @dani9,

you can filter logs before indexing so they don't consume license but you cannot use those events.

You can find information about how to filter data at:



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You can use transforms.conf to preprocess your data before indexing it to cut down on your license usage. This includes excluding certain events, cutting white spaces, unneeded characters etc.. 


When you scale, you should look into a tool called Cribl which is much easier to use than configuring  transforms

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Path Finder

What exactly do you want to limit? 

If you want to limit the index size you can use `frozenTimePeriodInSecs` to set auto remove by time or `maxTotalDataSizeMB` to restrict index size, using indexes.conf file

Regarding filtering, you can set filtering rules, depending on the input type you are using - see inputs.conf 

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