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Does the blocking of a heavy forwarder cause data drop or event drop?


I got a message that the TCP output processor has paused data flow. Forwarding to output group heavy forwarder has blocked for 3570 seconds. This will probably stall the data flow towards indexing and other network outputs.

1)Does this cause data drop
2)Does it catch up the data once it is free
3)How to set up the persistent queue and where for addressing these issues
4)How to create an alert for these type of issues or when the queue is full

Thanks in advance.

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hello there,
1) if persistent queue is full, then data will start dropping - default size for queue is 500kb
2) supposed to, depends on the type of input
3) see link below
4) there are many methods, one will be to look for the string in _internal index for example and alert on it.

all your answers are in this link:

hope it helps

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