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Deploy apps from A to B and then B to C

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I want to update the apps from my main server called A to client B without installing the apps and then install the apps from B to C.

Server A : Linux -- Main Indexer server on 4.2.3 with serverclass.conf / send apps to B

Server B : Linux -- SplunkForwarder (Forward to A and receive from C)/ receive apps from A /
send apps to C

Machine C : Windows -- SplunkUniversal Forwarder (Forwarder to B)

The apps from Server A to B it's ok. But I want to update apps which have to be installed on Machine C. Therefore I want to send the apps to Server B in etc/deployed-apps and then add a serverclass.conf to install the apps to the Windows machine. But it seems when I configured to send the Windows apps from A -> B, adding the new targetlocation etc/deployed-apps it tried to install the apps on the Linux machine! Is there a way to just push the windows apps from A - > B without install and then install it from B to C?

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This is possible, but due to a bug in Deployment Server it is not currently possible to send apps to the etc/deployment-apps folder on B.

The approach I have taken is: In a serverClass on A, use stateOnClient=disabled to send all C's apps to B/etc/apps. Then, have B's deployment server use a repositoryLocation of etc/apps in the class that sends those apps from B to C.

You can help automate it by using reloadDSOnAppInstall=true on B's deployment client so B's deployment server will reload when its deployment client receives a new app from A.

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It sounds like you need two deployment servers working in conjunction.

Off the top of my head, I don't think there's anyway to do that automatically with out some serious hackery.

What is preventing you from deploying the apps from A -> C.