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Cluster donot work and have much errors

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I have some problems with splunk-cluster.
I have 1 ClusterMaster, 2 Inexer, 1 SearchHead. Replication factor = 2, Search factor = 2.
SF and RF is not met.
In my mind, cluster donot work, but i can't understand, why?
In log i have much error:

03-28-2014 15:01:53.653 +0400 ERROR TcpInputProc - event=replicationData status=failed err="Could not open file for bid=svzn-sms~10~3BBEA949-B697-405F-8F7C-84F8280EB5D9 err="index=svzn-sms Could not load configuration" (Success)"

In my mind, cluster donot work, but i can't understand, why?

P.S. I read much "answers" and manual...

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Anyone ??? Same here :

09-16-2014 16:54:47.183 -0300 ERROR S2SFileReceiver - event=onFileClosed replicationType=eJournalReplication bid=cmc~104~475CFC53-9469-4430-A19C-D6C22D9594A7 state=eComplete src=475CFC53-9469-4430-A19C-D6C22D9594A7 bucketType=warm status=failed err="bucket is already registered"
09-16-2014 16:54:47.183 -0300 WARN S2SFileReceiver - event=processFileSlice bid=cmc~104~475CFC53-9469-4430-A19C-D6C22D9594A7 msg='aborting on local error'
09-16-2014 16:54:47.240 -0300 INFO S2SFileReceiver - event=onFileAborted bid=cmc~104~475CFC53-9469-4430-A19C-D6C22D9594A7 src=475CFC53-9469-4430-A19C-D6C22D9594A7 remoteError=false
09-16-2014 16:54:47.240 -0300 INFO CMSlave - bid=cmc~104~475CFC53-9469-4430-A19C-D6C22D9594A7 src=475CFC53-9469-4430-A19C-D6C22D9594A7 tgt=CDE0AA9A-4946-42C8-B6E5-B694DC0B1036 failing=CDE0AA9A-4946-42C8-B6E5-B694DC0B1036 queued replication error job
09-16-2014 16:54:47.291 -0300 INFO CMRepJob - job=CMReplicationErrorJob bid=cmc~104~475CFC53-9469-4430-A19C-D6C22D9594A7 failingGuid=CDE0AA9A-4946-42C8-B6E5-B694DC0B1036 srcGuid=475CFC53-9469-4430-A19C-D6C22D9594A7 tgtGuid=CDE0AA9A-4946-42C8-B6E5-B694DC0B1036 succeeded


Any answers to this thread?
I am having a similar situation.

07-11-2014 20:22:33.242 +0900 ERROR TcpInputProc - event=replicationData status=failed err="Could not open
file for bid=_audit~30~xxxxxx err="bucket is already registered with this peer" (Success)"
07-11-2014 20:22:33.242 +0900 ERROR TcpOutputFd - Read error. Connection reset by peer

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