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Certificate Template for a Server Cert



I have a Windows CA Server to sign my own requests.

For the Web Certificate I have used the "Web Server" template.

What template should I use for the server.pem? What purposes should it include?

Thank you

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Same format (export from certmgr.msc as Base-64 encoded X.509 (.CER)).  Then change the extension.

The only difference is that the server PEM requires the full certificate chain in the file:  Subject, Intermediate(s), Root.

You'll also need to specify the issuing CA and its chain all the way to the root in a separate PEM file which is referenced in server.conf.

Relevant Documentation for Forwarding

Relevant Documentation for Splunk-to-Splunk

All about PEM files and third-party certificates

Finally, a word of caution.  Keep good track of where you install ALL of your certificates.  You do not want them to expire.  This happened to me, and it wasn't pretty.  If you have a two-year validity, just renew them all annually.

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This is actually a very fair question. The web server template does include the common name field that you entered in your csr and i think that's one of the main things required. 

I'm testing something now in my environment and these are the only template available that i can see.


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