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Hey All,

I am looking to revamp our Splunk test environment and build a new one from scratch that better suits our needs.  Our production environment consists of both a search head cluster and an indexer cluster along with all of the other various Splunk components.  I would love to replicate our clusters on a smaller scale to ensure our test environment pretty closely mirrors production.  It appears though that the Dev/Test License doesn't support clustering. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to best go about it? I can setup standalone instances with no problem, just curious how other's have addressed this as newer versions of Splunk sometimes make changes to clustering services and I want to ensure they are close to 100% tested before production upgrades.

Also whats the best way to get test data into the test environment? Is the best route to just forward some data from production? Is there a way to mask the data or a way to create dummy data?

Thanks in advance!


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Easiest way is to automate the build of your test environment (e.g. with ansible) and then use locally trial licenses. Those allows also clustering, but not LM usage.

Personally I avoid to use production data (even masked/anonymized). I prefer to take some (system/integration) test environment data for that purpose. Also you could use any test data generation systems if you have those in use.

r. Ismo

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