Deployment Architecture

Attributes to be set in distsearch.conf


I read that the distsearch.conf is to configure only distributed search.
In order to set the distributed search , I have set the distsearch.conf ENABLED in my Splunkweb(Search head).
It creates the file in the Search head --> (distsearch.conf)

In my deployment , I have

deployment server-1

heavy forwarder-1

Indexers -2

Do i need to add all the Splunk instance(incl. forwarder,deployment server) in 'servers' attribute ? or only the search head IPs ?


 #This file contains possible attributes and values you can use to configure distributed search.
servers = 10.x.x.x:8089,10.x.x.x:8089
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In distsearch.conf

in Servers you need to add only search-peers(Indexers or where data is being stored)

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