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After creating and deploying an app via deployment server, why do not see any data coming in?

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Hi all,

I created a new deployment app. I edited my app.conf, input.conf, output.conf and serverclass.conf & also redeployed splunk the deployment server and everything is perfect. After creating the deployment app, I am able to see the same application in the slave servers and also the deploymentclient.conf is correct in them. But I am not able to see any data in Splunk from those sources. I am totally confused and unable to move further. Any idea what I am missing here?

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Splunk Employee

If you didnt set restartsplunkd = true in the App configuration in the serverclass.conf, you will need to restart the Client manually after it is deployed.

See restartsplunkd in :

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Did you check the directories/files being monitored are available on the slave servers?? Also, run following command on the slave servers and see if you see your configured monitor inputs listed


splunk list monitor -auth admin:password
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Did you miss .conf21 Virtual?

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