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After Upgrade to 8.2.2, "WinEvent -> Defender" log stops receiving / sending

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I've set up the following "app" to be delployed on my Universal Forwarders for windows:

"[WinEventLog://Microsoft-Windows-Windows Defender/Operational]

index = windefender

disabled = false

evt_resolve_ad_obj = 1"

This has worked flawlessly for years until this week when I started to NOT receive any updates from that log until restart of the Universal Forwarder.

At first I thought it had something to do with that we had updated all UFs to 8.2.2 too but today when I did some investigation I also noticed that one of the UF wasn't updated and still used version 7.2.
So my guess is that it has something to to with the splunk enterprise installation/upgrade (upgraded to 8.2.2 for about 1½weeks ago. from 7.4).

Its not that the forwarder stops completely because I still receive logging from the Security, System etc. logs in the event viewer.

It seems to just be the "defender" log and when I do a restart of the splunk service it will start to send again.

Have I missed something or should I put an ticket to splunk?

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