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In the cluster configuration of Splunk
Enterprise, the data captured after
clustering is replicated, but it is
not replicated to index data already
running standalone. Is there a way to
incorporate existing index data into
the cluster configuration?

I think that you should tell me if you
know something by assuming that you
will manually work such as migrating
data (bucket).

Splunk version is 6.4.4.

Above, thank you.

If I understand the question, you are asking how to move data on a standalone indexer into an existing(?) cluster.

Data indexed on a standalone indexer will be marked as a legacy bucket, and will not be replicated if you enable indexer clustering - only data indexed after the cluster was built benefit from replication.

If you need to move this data from a standalone you are deprovisioning, it would be worth contacting support to see if they can assist.

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