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what are your favorite dashboards, reports, and searches for monitoring Java App Servers?


We're working on an app for monitoring and reporting on Java app server performance, availability, configuration, etc. Ideally this would be generic enough that anyone could use it, so we're trying to stick to automatable/generalizable configuration.

If you are already monitoring and reporting on java app servers with Splunk, what saved searches, reports, and dashboards are you using? If you're using other management tools to monitor app servers, what reports and dashboards are you using? Be specific-- I'm looking for detailed info like "a memory dashboard with 4 modules: #1=JVM heap usage by host, #2=system page faults/sec by host, #3: JVM heap usage by app, #4: <something else here>". I'm even interested in deep level of details like which JMX mBeans you're using to pull specific metrics.

Obviously there's no one perfect answer to this question since everyone will be monitoring different stuff. But I'll accept the answer with the most comprehensive and convincing details, and I'll be generously upvoting any answer which provides good details.

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A bit of a late reply to the original post, but anyway , check out SPLUNK for JMX


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