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unable to view more than 500 lines..

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hi all, is there any restrictions in the dashboard to view a large number of data? like my dashboard view showing only 500 lines of data but the respective log file have more than 30000 lines.. is there any setups available to enable the entire data to display..
kindly suggest your views..

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Re: unable to view more than 500 lines..


In Splunk 5 using advanced xml, you get what you want using the / editing the following module

<module name="EventsViewer" layoutPanel="resultsAreaLeft"> <param name="segmentation">full</param> <param name="reportFieldLink">report_builder_format_report</param> <!-- Override display # of lines to 1000 --> <param name="maxLines">0</param> <param name="maxLinesConstraint">1000</param>

You seem to have the same possibilites in splunk 6;

Hope it helps! 🙂

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