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trelli graph dynamic y axis label


Using a lookup to enrich a trellis graph.
initially  added the text to the split by value  which works ok.
until you do a drilldown
Is there someway inert the text as the y-axis  title

Or is the there a way in search on the linked drilldown  dashboard to strip the text from the passed value

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Stripped  back source

| eval NewTime=strptime(BATCH_DATE, "%d/%m/%Y %H:%M:%S %Z") 
| eval _time=NewTime 
| rex field=ROW_SUB_HEADER ".*:\s(?P<Code>\d{3})" 
| rename ROW_HEADER as Site, DATA_VALUE as Value
| lookup fault_codes Code OUTPUT Phrase 
| eval CodePhrase = Code+" -- "+Phrase
| chart max(Value) as Value over _time by CodePhrase limit=100</query>

chart options removed

          <link target="_blank">/app/production/site_process_code?code=$trellis.value$</link>
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Can you share the SimpleXML you already have so we can see what you are working with?

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