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tokenlinks.js in Splunk 8.24 broken- working dashboard samples app but not my own app


I used to use the tokenlinks.js from the simple xml dashboard examples. Copied the file into appserver/static of my own app, add the script="tokenlinks.js" and all works.

For some reason that no longer works. I have downloaded the dashboard examples app, copied the dashboard XML shown in the docs for the Custom Token Links example. Copied the JS shown in the gui into the appserver/static/tokenlinks.js into my own app, but the JS does not seem to get called and the dashboard does not do what it does in the Example Dashboard app.

So, I have a working dashboard examples app, but not my own app.

I see that the tokenlinks.js in appserver/static for the dashboard examples is now >400K and is very different to the original. It seems to be some webpack related stuff.

Any idea what I am doing wrong?


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