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splunk mvc sharedmodels documentation or other best practices

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Hey all, I seem to have ran into a snag when it comes to a specific feature I am trying to implement.

My team wants to implement a feature with the input dropdowns on the webpage where the starting value would be set to the realname of the account currently logged in. It is important to note we are building an HTML dashboard, and we have recently transitioned from splunk enterprise to cloud.

So far I was able to retrieve account information using splunk/mvc/sharedmodels and the following code:


var temp;
temp = SharedModels.get("user").entry; 


I know how to get the username, realname, email, etc. What I have an issue is there seems to be no documentation about this library anywhere, but maybe I am overlooking it?

Most questions I have found where using this has been the answer were posted in 2013. Is there a better library I should be using that fits Splunk best practices in 2020? 

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