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refresh specific panel with javascript buton


hi every one i try to refresh a specific panel, i follow the splunk answers but not work for me, i have a buton like this :

id="button_update" class="btn" data-set-token="run_check" data-value="true" style="background-color:#68E674;"

and search

      <query>|test.csv | stats count</query>

and javascript :
], function(_, $, mvc, TableView) {

$(document).ready(function () {
$("button_update").on("click", function (e) {
var mySearch = mvc.Components.get("toto");


but the search never refresh someone can help me ?

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Hi, i Know that, but i want do the same thing with a visual buton not this one.

So many people succes with javascript. So i will thank people if they can put the entire code for i do the same thing.

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@sandyBDF, You can refresh panel by default on hovering to panel bottom left side below-
alt text

So is there any specific requirement to create button or above default refresh in panel resolves your issue.

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