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power user how to share dashboard


Hello team,
I have some power users which they can create dashboard but in permissions they dont see any other users except to share it with except:


I checked the documentation:

"Power user role options
If you have
the power role and its default
capabilities, you can do the
Provide other users with read and write access to the dashboard.

Admin role options If you have the
admin role and its default
capabilties, you can do the following.
Create dashboards that are private, visible in a specific app
context, or visible in all apps.
Provide other users and roles with read and write access to the

And it says power user should be able to share with users and admin with users and roles. Question is why my power user cannot see any other users under permissions except these 4?
Any ideas?

Thank you

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You don't share an application or object with a user - you share it with a role.

You would not expect to see a list of users names, so what you describe is what is expected.

I will submit a request to have the wording changed from .."Provide other users with read and write access to the dashboard" to other roles

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Thank you nickhillscpl, does it happen to also know why my power user can see only these 4 roles and not all of them so he can share his dashboard with a specific one please?

(I am admin and when I go to the same dashboard I can see all the roles)

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