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one shot search for Javascript SDK - not returning results

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I'm using the one shot search function, modeled on the @example in splunk-sdk-javascript/lib/service.js. It is all client-side.

When I execute the function below it returns a list of search parameters rather than the results themselves. What do I need to do to get the actual search results?

I would also like to know where to find the properties, in the Splunk documentation, for "results" such as "fields".

function performSearch() {
var service = new splunkjs.Service();
var searchString = "search savedsearch=BillingBaseSearch";
var searchID = "billingbasesearch";
var jobs = service.jobs();

jobs.search(searchString, {id: searchID}, function(err, newJob) {
console.log("CREATED: ", newJob.sid);

var delay = 5000;
window.setTimeout(doSearch, delay);

function doSearch() {
service.oneshotSearch(searchString, {id: searchID}, function(err, results) {
console.log("RESULT FIELDS: ", results.fields);


CREATED: billingbasesearch

RESULT FIELDS: ["cd", "indextime", "raw", "serial", "si", "sourcetype", "time", "host", "index", "linecount", "source", "sourcetype", "splunkserver"]

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

I put some documentation links (both reference and how-to for searching) in my answer to http://splunk-base.splunk.com/answers/54570/splunk-sdk-javascript-servicesjs-examples-is-there-more-....

Here's the direct link to the topic that explains how to create a basic oneshot search and display results.

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