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how to set date field as a token for earliest and latest


Hi All,

I have a comma separated file like below

Name class "Report Date"
x 1 10/11/2019
Y 2 12/11/2019

while indexing in props.conf i mentioned
TIME_FORMAT = %d/%m/%Y

so in my index I am having the above two events like below

Time Event
10/11/19 x,1,10/11/2019
12:00:00.000 AM

12/11/19 y,2.12/11/2019
12:00:00.000 AM

i have a drop down which is having "Report Date" field values. when i choose 10/11/2019 other panels in my dashboard should show the events on the date 10/11/2019.

i tried to pass the values of the drop down as a token for earliest and latest in panels.. but it is showing invalid earliest time.

can anyone help me on this ?

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Hi @manjuase,
did you tried to extract a list of your "Report Date" in your dropdown list?
In other words, in the dropdown list insert a search like this:

| dedup "Report Date"
| table "Report Date"

If your "Report Date" isn't sorted you have to pass for epochtime, so to have a desc sorting:

| dedup "Report Date"
|eval epoch=strptime("Report Date","%m/%d/&Y")
| sort -epoch
| table "Report Date"


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