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how to reuse layoutpanel for 2 different search results


I have 2 simpleresultstables side by side, table1 in "panel_row6_col1" and table2 in "panel_row6_col2".
both have drilldowns. currently, when I click on a cell link in table1 , its drilldown resultstable is displayed in "panel_row7_col1", right below the 2 main tables. When I click on a link in table2, its drilldown results is placed below the 1st drilldown results. Both drilldown resultstable have the same layout="panel_row7_col1". How can I make it so that when I click on the 2nd table, the 1st drilldown result will go away and the 2nd drilldown result will take its place? thx

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I've done this in a couple Sideview apps, but the only really clean way is to write 2 customBehaviors in Javascript. They're quite simple as customBehavior's go, but if you're not familiar with Sideview Utils already and you don't want to look at any Javascript, this may not be the way you want to go. Email me if it is ( nick at sideviewapps.com ).

Short of that, the best you'll be able to do is have both the downstream tables render in the same panel. However you won't be able to hide the first when the second is shown and vice versa...

One solution that sometimes works, is if you can ask yourself whether you really needed two tables to begin with. Or if you can just have one table, and a pulldown above it that determines what "type" of table it is. Again, this stuff is vastly easier with Sideview Utils. But you see the benefit there -- all you have to do is leverage the "type" value in the drilldown modules and you can basically have consistent interaction again.

Feel free to send me your XML and I can advise.

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