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how to get a scatter plot for number of events per date


I have exactly 2 fields. One is date and another is number of particular events that took place that day. I want a scatter plot with X-axis as date and Y-axis as number of events. But when ever i do scatter plot with date in yyyy-mm-dd format it places all the dots on a single vertical line at yyyy. And if i do the same with dd-mm-yyyy it places all the points for the particular date for any month on the same vertical line dd (example: it puts 3 dots on the same vertical line for 01-01-2019, 01-02-2019, and 01-03-2019 at 01, that is the date). But if i convert this time to epoch time i get what i need. Is there a way i can get a proper scatter plot with count and human readable date ?

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