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hide/unhide panels on dashboard depends upon input


Sorry if this question is a repeated one,

I have built a dashboard in Splunk 6.1 which shows various data of server components like CPU, Memory Disk Usage, recent alerts from monitoring system ..etc. The dashboard has panels for both Windows and Unix server environment. I want to dashboard to be dynamic in such a way that if i select Windows from input from a dropdown, only windows related panels should load and the same way for Unix as well. Has anyone tried this in 6.1 version? Can you help me in understanding how that can be done.


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I do something similar to this related to Firewalls. I load different panels based on the data I am getting through.
I use django bindings with javascript to create all my elements and searches.

It seems to me you could use this to create a drop down button and based on the selection of this button the page clear (I simply clear all of the HTML elements and the splunkjs components on the page) and then reload the ones which have something like _windows or _unix in the name.

You can find a lot of information on django bindings and javascript splunking in other questions but feel free to ask my how I would do this in more detail.

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