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hide panels under the custom title?


I have a dashboard having different panels that belong to 4 groups. I added 4 titles and aligned panels under each title, But here my requirement is I want to hide all panels under their titles. When I will click on each title I want to see the panels belong to that group. Kindly help me

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@Reddi694325 if you do not want JS, you can use one Link input per panel as title using CSS Override and then set the token as per the link clicked. Refer to one of my answers to use Link input as Tab in Simple XML Dashboard with CSS extension: https://answers.splunk.com/answers/819869/how-can-we-create-tabs-using-link-list-in-splunk-w.html
Other option would be to use JS extension to code click event handler on panel title to set/unset tokens to display/hide respective panel!

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@Reddi694325 ,
If you create one input like dropdown and then select group from dropdown and then be setting token you can show only that panel that belong to that group.
Let me know if this is what you are looking for ..then I will share sample code for this.

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