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/debug/refresh does not work anymore on 6.3.0 on version with Free license group


As of 6.3.0 I am not able to run http://your-server/en-US/debug/refresh when it on Free license group

On Free license group server, there is no login, no group or role setting, just autologin with the admin user.
So there are no way to give the role with the web_debug
On 6.2.5 this works fine.

As it is now, only way to reload files as I see, is to restart the server service.
Is this a bug in 6.3.0?

Update 12.10.2017
Does not work on Splunk 7.0 either.

Getting following error:

    <msg type="ERROR">Forbidden</msg>

Also tested adding to web.conf, but did not help
enableWebDebug = true

PS it works if you using a free developer license.

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Even with a paid license you will see this error and I agree with the comment from "andreworg" (Oct 12, 2017) this is a bug.

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Hey @lakromani,

I use the command like you put above. The only different thing of your command is put the port your Splunk, like this: http://localhost:8000/en-US/debug/refresh. I always use this command every time that I need in my local and remote Splunk with different versions of Splunk and it's works fine.

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Port has nothing to do with it.
It seems that Splunk has removed it from the Free license group.
So if you have a payed version, it will work.

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I don't think this is a known bug. On free Splunk, just restart Splunk to have it apply your configuration file changes. This always works.

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Well, IMHO it should be marked as a bug. It shouldn't be necessary to restart the daemon. The default user when using the free license should have the web_debug role enabled. If you don't want to enable the feature, you still have the option of disabling it via the enableWebDebug switch in web.conf.

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Then someone did change this from 6.2.5 to 6.3.0
Why on earth change this behavior?????
You do not always have access to the physical server.
If some one at Splunk design read this, please add this function back to the Splunk with Free license.

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This feature is still available in free; but I just discovered that it now requires you the press a button to do it 😞
btw it's the same if you use a enterprise license and no docs found so far...



You find it here:

Settings -> Server controls -> Restart Splunk
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