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I have search that looks something like that

<<sarch string>>| chart sum(total) over AssingmentsByDay by PROBLEM_STATUS | addtotals

This will group by AssingmentsByDay  and have columns by PROBLEM_STATUS . The AssingmentsByDay is combination of AssignmentName and Day

Here is an example how the results looks like 

AssingmentByDayRestoredTo Be WorkedWaitingWaiting - ClientWaiting - ITWork In ProgressTotal
02/22/21-at 21 hrs->>>-Assingment11112  5
02/22/21-at 21 hrs->>>-Assingment21     1
02/22/21-at 21 hrs->>>-Assingment31 1   2
02/23/21-at 21 hrs->>>-Assingment12  2  4
02/23/21-at 21 hrs->>>-Assingment22  2  4
02/23/21-at 21 hrs->>>-Assingment32  2  4


Now how can I change color of font or background of group of rows based on Assignments Day as shown above.  I really don't want to mix day with Assignment day, but I then not sure how to do get results similar to above.


I basically want to group them by day and also color them by each day

Thank You

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