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close option for panel that opens after clicking on a table value (drilldown)

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i have a table with multiple values, and on click of any of the value, an inline panel opens (using depends option) via drilldown option, now i want that panel to close on click of a button. But also, i need the action of drilldown to open on the click of tables data not on click of button. I just need a close button to close the panel after drilldown, the panel open action is perfect (i.e on click of table value).

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If what you are doing is in SimpleXML, you will need to JS in order to do what you want.

You can try adding a button via direct HTML in the XML

<html><button id="close_btn" class="btn">Close Panel</button></html>

And then adding some simple JS to unset the token when the button is clicked. This will require setting up the functions to set and submit tokens.

If you want a more complete solution that gives you greater flexibility, check my answer and its linked blog post here: https://answers.splunk.com/answers/346916/submit-button-per-panel-in-simple-xml.html

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