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bubble chart not working anymore after upgrade to splunk 5

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Dear splunkers,

We created a dashboard using bubble charts. With splunk 4.3.3 everything works fine. After upgrading to splunk 5 the bubbles are displayed as thre dots ... and after some time they are disapearing. The search is giving back a status from other searches so it changes from green over yellow to red. Every other chart is working correctly.

I just realized that if I mark the part of the dahboard where the bubbles should be I can see the description (text in the bubble). It seems that the whole bubble is in white colour...

Did anything change in Splunk 5 with the bubble chart.

I hope a splunk admin is available 😉 but help from others is also welcome 😉

Best Regards


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Hey simon, sorry for the delay in answering. Did get a mail 🙂

here is a part of the dashboard with a bubble chart (the whole xml-file would be way to much 🙂 )

I hope it will be shown correctly.


I just tested it and it will not work... XML syntax is not shown correctly here... 😞 Even the Code Sample button will not work...


        Data Center Hamburg


          | head 1 | rangemap field=maxstate low=0-0 elevated=1-1 severe=2-2 default=low | eval text=""












                  <a href="detailed_view_sdeurvf7137" target="_blank" class="vattenfall-singlevalue">sdeurvf7137</a>








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A bubble chart is a single value module?! 🙂

I always thought this 🙂 I hope I am not wrong. But as far as I can see the xml text is not shown 100% correctly.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Are you sure that's the right XML? It appears to be a Single Value module, not a bubble chart.

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hi Jan,

Would it be possible for you to attach the dashboard XML that you're using? That will help a lot in tracking down the problem.



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