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Why won't Splunk tabs not working after Splunk 9 upgrade?


we are using the tabs extension: tabs.js, tabs.css (from https://github.com/LukeMurphey/splunk-dashboard-tabs-example)

today we upgraded our splunk from 8 to 9 and after all tabs are not working , they are visible but nothing happen when we click the tab name.

I have tried:

1. updating the code to the one in the git link above

2. also solution in https://community.splunk.com/t5/Dashboards-Visualizations/Tabs-in-Splunk-dashboard-not-working-after...

any help would be appreciated 

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What worked for us is to update both tabs.js and tabs.css in https://github.com/LukeMurphey/splunk-dashboard-tabs-example/tree/master/src/appserver/static

Then we had to bump the search head to force it to update its cache and send the new files to customers.


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I found this post


and I changed these 2 lines

$('a[data-toggle="tab"]').on('shown', selectTab);
$('a[data-toggle="tab"]').on('shown', setTokenForTab);


$('a[class="toggle-tab"]').on('click shown', selectTab);
$('a[class="toggle-tab"]').on('click shown', setTokenForTab);

which solved the click-ability  

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