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Why does my dashboard shows labels in column chart for X-axis but when we exported to pdf it does not?

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Splunk dashboard shows labels in column chart for X-axis but when we exported to pdf it doesn't. PFA screenshot

Dashboard image
alt text

After exporting to PDF
alt text

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@sarfarajsayyad - Did the answer provided by bsriramineni help provide a working solution to your question? If yes, please don't forget to resolve this post by clicking "Accept". If no, please leave a comment with more feedback. Thanks!

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Root cause:

In pdfgen_chart.py we have a hard-coded value (600) for the width of chart and that is why labels are hidden in pdf.

class Chart(SvgBasedViz):
    def init(self, data, fields, props, locale, runningAsScript=False):
        SvgBasedViz.init(self, data, fields, props, width=600, height=350, genSvgScriptName="gensvg.js", runningAsScript=runningAsScript, locale=locale)

This truncates the labels if the chart width is exceeded.


Go to the dashboard:

a. Export> Print> Destination> Save as PDF
Use the browsers 'Print' as 'Save as PDF' option.

b. You can increase the width value from 600 to a value that suits your requirement. I suggest you to try 1000.

The pdfgen_chart.py script is in the following path "C:\Program Files\Splunk\Python-2.7\Lib\site-packages\splunk\ pdfgen_chart.py

Post changes restart the search head(This is where you need to change this value).

1. Increasing this value will change the visualizations of other Pdf's.
2. You need to take backup of this script in case if you are going to upgrade the splunk.
Reason: While up gradation this script will be replaced.
3. You can do the modifications at your own risk.


excause me, is it possible to change the hard-coded value (600) by input parameter, but not increase the width value in the pdfgen_chart.py?

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