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Why does if condition not work with stats values()?


Hi all, I have been trying to use if condition in stats values(). It is not working properly. I have used if conditions before and got results perfectly.


stats values(eval(if('FAILS'=="0",0,DATA))) as DATA


The fields "DATA" is calculated in the beginning. My requirement is that when there are no FAILS the DATA should be zero otherwise it should be the value which is calculated.  I am doing anything wrong here? Because even if the FAILS are there it is giving me result as 0. Please help me.

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It might be helpful if you could share some sample data, what your current output is and what is expected output.

Does your data looks like this sample runanywhere search?

|  makeresults 
|  eval FAILS=1, DATA=1
|  fields - _time
|  append
    [|  makeresults 
|  eval FAILS=0, DATA=3]
| append
    [|  makeresults 
|  eval FAILS=1, DATA=2] 
|  append
    [|  makeresults 
|  eval FAILS=0, DATA=4]
| append
    [|  makeresults 
|  eval FAILS=1, DATA=5] 
| stats values(eval(if('FAILS'=="0",0,DATA))) as DATA
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Hi, @somesoni2 , the data is in json format. Here is one example.


"Group": "G1",




  and the data im calculating is MTTR.

.........[| streamstats count as start reset_on_change=true by STATUS
| where start=1
| streamstats count(eval(STATUS=="FAILURE")) as fails by STATUS
| eval fails=if(fails=0,null(),fails)
| filldown fails
| stats list(*) as * by fails| where mvcount(STATUS) = 2|eval MTTR=....]
|append[.....| chart count(Task_no) by Group STATUS
| table Group SUCCESS FAILURE]
| stats values(eval(if('FAILURE'=="0",0,MTTR))) as MTTR

Whenever there is no failures i want to make the MTTR as 0, if there are failures MTTR will be calculated by the query and i want to keep that result as it is. While using stats i am not able to achieve this condition. Where i went wrong in the query? Can you please help me.

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