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Why do empty tables take up larger amount of vertical space on a dashboard?


I have a dashboard with table visualizations. When the search returns 1 or more results to display in the table, the table height is only as high as necessary to show the results. But, if there are no results, the height is much greater, distorting the dashboard with a large space that simply says "No results found". Why is the table height much greater for no results than if a single result?

I have tried multiple row, panel, table configurations and the results are the same. Empty tables take a large amount of fixed amount of vertical space. Tables with 1 or more search results are only as tall as the number of rows being displayed (up to specified # rows per page).


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I don't have an answer as to why Splunk decided that a panel with no values would be of a larger-than-necessary size, but perhaps this recent answers post could help you mitigate that annoyance by hiding the panel when there are no results.

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