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Why are some search result action buttons are missing in IE and Firefox?

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This may be a tad hard to explain.
I was trying to show a user how to export search results. They were using IE (latest version for Win7 I think). The button wasn't there. They also didn't have the print button. But they DID have the Share button. But I personally hadn't seen the share button for some time, and had half assumed it had been removed during some update.
So, after checking, IE doesn't seem to display the Print and Export buttons, and Firefox doesn't display the Share button, but the html elements, including the hover text, is still there and functioning.
From my browser (FF 59.0.2);
alt text
alt text
Similar thing on IE, but with different buttons. In Chromium, it seems to show all the buttons.
This is on splunk 6.6.3 Build e21ee54bc796

I don't really think there's a question beyond, "Am I alone?". Plus, if you're like me, you would have really missed that Share button. I expect this is maybe fixed if I can sort the upgrade to v7

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