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Why am I not receiving the scheduled pdf delivery of my dashboard with my alert_actions.conf settings in Splunk 6.0.5?

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Can someone please point out what am I missing below? I am not receiving the scheduled pdf dashboard delivery in my inbox. No errors reported in python.log, scheduler.log and splunkd.log. I am using Splunk 6.0.5.

Note: I am able to receive the scheduled saved search results in csv format in my inbox. So my mailserver is working fine.

Below is the snapshot of alert_actions.conf
hostname =
ttl = 86400
command = sendemail "to=$action.email.to$" "server=$action.email.mailserver{default=localhost}$" "from=$action.email.from{default=splunk@localhost}$" "subject=$action.email.subject{recurse=yes}$" "format=$action.email.format{default=csv}$""sssummary=Saved Search [$name$]: $counttype$($results.count$)" "sslink=$results.url$" "ssquery=$search$" "ssname=$name$" "inline=$action.email.inline{default=False}$" "sendresults=$action.email.sendresults{default=False}$" "sendpdf=$action.email.sendpdf{default=False}$" "pdfview=$action.email.pdfview$" "searchid=$search_id$" "graceful=$graceful{default=True}$" maxinputs="$maxinputs{default=1000}$" maxtime="$action.email.maxtime{default=5m}$"_validate-1 = action.email.sendresults, validate( is_bool('action.email.sendresults'), "Value of argument 'action.email.sendresults' must be a boolean")

subject = $name$:~:$description$
from = myname@mycompany.com
mailserver = smtprelay.mycompany.com
sendpdf = 1
reportServerEnabled = false
reportServerURL =
reportPaperSize = a4
reportPaperOrientation = portrait
reportIncludeSplunkLogo = 1
sendresults = 1

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

In order to send dashboards as PDF files, you need to have the admin_all_objects role assigned to the user. This is referenced in the documentation.

User role configuration to schedule PDF delivery of dashboards

For a user to schedule PDF delivery of dashboards, the user role must contain the following capabilities:
• schedule_search
• admin_all_objects
This capability is required only if the mail host requires log-in credentials.