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Which Platform of SDK will be suitable for the following scenarios



I wanted to know which platform of SDK should i use if i want to run a search query, get the results, process it with some logic and then again call search query on that processed result to get the final results.

I ll prefer C# SDK, but if this thing is not possible with C# which SDK should i use? I checked your Twitter example which is in python SDK as far as i have understood your python example it is doing something of similar type which i am trying to achieve. Can you please send me a link or so for same example of twitter in C# which gets data from twitter and updates a Custom Dashboard?

I even tried debugging your twitter example which is in python but it gives 401 Error, which i not able to find out why? So if you do not have example in C#, can u help me with this error in python?

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

All the platform SDKs provide basically the same functionality. With respect to search and query access, it is exactly the same functionality. All that any of the SDKs do is wrap the same REST API, so you should use whatever you like. There are some places (custom search commands, lookups, and alerts) where the first level of integration prefers Python, but in those cases, calls to other run times can either be called directly or wrapped by Python.

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