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Where is it documented that undefined tokens in searches will stop the search from running

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In the blog posting "Making a dashboard with tabs (and searches that run when clicked)" http://blogs.splunk.com/2015/03/30/making-a-dashboard-with-tabs-and-searches-that-run-when-clicked/ On tab 5, the author uses a fact that appears undocumented, if a token is undefined, the search will not happen. I have looked all over the web for info about this feature and wonder if someone knows where this is documented as a feature. I know it is mentioned in the article but it would be nice if this was put in documentation.

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I think it may not be documented as such as it is a no brainer.

If you create a search that contains a token, by its own meaning of "token" the search will wait for that token to be defined / to have a value until the search can run.

Anyway, I found this entry where kinda states that "which updates the token values all at once **and then runs the search."


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Thanks so much - yea it makes sense. It would be nice if tricks like this were documented especially for a new programmer

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