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When counting by _time how can you show the previous hours stats value if there is no events during a hour?

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I am creating a two column, column chart comparing how many necklaces we made (column 1) vs. how many we need (column 2). The chart is split up by hour starting from @d-22h to now(). Yet, if no necklaces are created during a hour, the columns will not be produced and will leave a blank space.

If no events in a hour:

Necklaces made=constant value of necklace made during last event hour (constant)

Goal= hour*60 (increase by 60 every hour)

current chart:


What I want:


Purple rectangles=646 (constant)
Orange rectangles= previous Goal value +60 (box1=540+60; box2=600+60)

Code: ------------------------------------------------------------------------

|makeresults|eval early_relative = "@d-2h"|eval late = "@d+22h"
|eval date_hour=strftime(now(),"%H")
|eval timeofday=case((date_hour>=22 AND date_hour<=23),"@d+22h,now",(date_hour>=0 AND date_hour<22),"@d-2h,now")
|eval split=split(timeofday,",")
|eval early_relative=mvindex(split,0)
|eval early_date=strftime(relative_time(now(),early_relative),"%m/%d/%y %H:%M:%S")
|eval late = if(mvindex(split,1)="now",now(),relative_time(now(),mvindex(split,1)))
|eval late_date = strftime(if(mvindex(split,1)="now",now(),relative_time(now(),mvindex(split,1))),"%m/%d/%y %H:%M:%S")
|eval test = strftime(late,"%m/%d/%y %H:%M:%S")

|map search="search index=..... earliest=\"$early_relative$\" latest=$late$
|eval hour=1|eval date_hour=strftime(now(),\"%H\")
|eval timeofday=case((date_hour>=22 AND date_hour<=23),\"@d+22h,now\",(date_hour>=0 AND date_hour<22),\"@d-2h,now\")
|eval late=$late_date$
|eval early=$early_date$
|bucket _time span=1h
|eval Time=strftime(_time,\"%H\")
|eval Goal_hour=case((Time=22),1,(Time=23),2,(Time>=0 AND Time<22),Time+3)
|eval Goal=Goal_hour*60
|stats count(Neckles) as Actual_Made by _time Goal |accum Actual_Made"

Please help!!! Thank you.


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