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Use pie chart as single value (as traffic sign e.g.)

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Hello Community,

i'm trying to use a pie chart instead of a single value chart to sum up values. The aim is to provide three pie charts showing results of some more detailed charts. Furthermore they should act like a traffic sign, to see very quick via colours if something went not as expected.

if i do the following, the chart is showing count 1 and red color but not the value itself.

index=... sourcetype=... Location=.... Product=$lblproduct$ Line=$lblline$ | dedup time
| eval OEE
New = tonumber(OEE) | timechart avg(OEE_New) as AverageOEE | stats sum(AverageOEE) as SumOEE| eval SumOEE=case(SumOEE>=200,"red",SumOEE<=200,"green") | top SumOEE

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Re: Use pie chart as single value (as traffic sign e.g.)


hello there,

check out some nice options in the "Dashboards Examples" app:
also some very nice visualizations using SVG in this nice app:

hope it helps

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