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I have a dashboard that is set up to do some conditions based on a change from an input and a date picker, however, this doesn't work when someone links into the dashboard and it pre-fills the inputs since Splunk treats that as the "initial value" and not a change. I don't want to set anything as the initial value because that will trigger the searches to fire off when when there’s nothing there, I.e. Someone doesn't link. So id like to keep the XML rejecting not to waste resources.

Is there a way that I can set the tokens, perhaps in the <init> from the URL paramaters? I tried $form.field$ and that didn't seem to do anything.


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@treverce  for the community to assist you better you will need to provide more context as to what is the token name and value being passed from source to destination dashboard. What is the configuration of input field in the destination dashboard.

With some sample data what is happening right now vs what is expected.

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