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Two predictions (Day and Night) in one report


Hello Splunk community,

I need to do one prediction for two different time ranges in different span in one report.
The objective is making alert on the prediction of rate of messages: 1- from 5 am to10pm (span=10min) and 2- from 10pm to 5am (span=20 min).

It can be really easy, but as I'm new to Splunk, I couldn't find a proper way for it.

My base query is:

|tstats latest(msg) as msg where `sws_logs_indexes` sourcetype=sws:sag:msgpartners host="p*" mp_name="Bessserver*" sag_instance="*SAG12" by _time sag_instance mp_name span=10m
| stats sum(msg) as msg by _time sag_instance
| streamstats current=false latest(msg) as previous_msg by sag_instance
| eval rate=msg-previous_msg
| timechart span=10m avg(rate) as "Server msg rate"

| predict "Server msg rate" as prediction algorithm=LLP5 holdback=0 future_timespan=0 period=1008 upper75=upper75 lower75=lower75
|`forecastviz(24, 0, "Server msg rate", 75)`

| eval isOutlier = if(prediction!="" AND 'Server msg rate' != "" AND ('Server msg rate' < 'lower75(prediction)' OR 'Server msg rate' > 'upper75(prediction)'), 1, 0) | where isOutlier=1 |table _time,isOutlier

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