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Timeranger picker is great for timerange, is there something similar for Granularity...?


When I run a search over 7 days I get a bar chart with 7 bars (daily granularity)
When I run a search over 24 hours I get a bar chart with 48 bars (30 min granularity)

If I run a search over 7 days how can I make it give me (24x7) 168 bars?

Is there something similar to Timerange picket for Granularity?


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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

I think what you are looking for is bucket (or span attribute for timechart) command. This will allow you to control the granularity what each bar stands for.


And if required: in advanced XML dashboards you can calculate the value for span based on the selected time range. So if the user searches over the last 24 hours, you could set the span to 1h, if user searches of the last 30 days, span could be 1d.

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