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I have a query:

index="cisco" hostname=* (cat_name=passed OR cat_name=failed)  type="Ethernet"
| eval site=case(substr(NetworkDeviceName,1,7)=="mysite",substr(NetworkDeviceName,1,7) + substr(NetworkDeviceName, -4),1=1,substr(NetworkDeviceName,1,7) )
| stats count by site mac_address cat_name type
| eval type_cat_name=type."_".cat_name
| eval site_mac=site."_".mac_address
| xyseries site_mac type_cat_name count
| rex field=site_mac "(?<site>.*)_(?<mac>.*)"
| search "Call Check_CISE_Failed_Attempts">=1 AND "Call Check_CISE_Passed_Authentications"="NULL" AND "Framed_CISE_Failed_Attempts"="NULL" AND "Framed_CISE_Passed_Authentications"="NULL"
| chart dc(mac) As Endpoints by site

So the result is a column chart that shows for each site the count of mac address that correspond to the search condition. Now if I want to click on a column I go to another dashboard for the specific site and for the mac address I need additional fields to show in a table like site, mac_address, port, interface. I tried to add this field in the by clause after stats but it seems doesn't work.

Have you any suggestions?

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