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Survival analysis chart


I want to display a survival probability chart for churn analysis.
Some background info: http://www.data-miners.com/resources/Customer-Insight-Article.pdf

I have index source with tenureday as field.
I can show a harzard chart (total customers per tenureday)

index=customers| chart count by tenureday

But I want to chart the survival probability.
Therefor I have to calculate a cumulative sum divided by total customers per tenureday.


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I found a way. I don't know if it's the best way:

index=customers | stats count as daycount by tenureday | sort tenureday | accum daycount as cumsum  | eventstats sum(daycount) as totalz | eval srv = 1 - (cumsum / totalz) | fields tenureday, srv

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I believe this will work:

index=customers | stats count sum(MyFieldName) AS sum BY tenureday | eval calculation=sum/count
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