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Splunk 6.x HTML: After copying the default navigation menu for a custom app from my old server, why is the Searches menu not showing?


I have an default Navigation Menu for a custom app that i copied from my old server

<collection label="Dashboards">
    <view name="metrics" default="true"/>
    <divider />
    <view source="unclassified" match="dashboard"/>

<collection label="Searches">
  <view name="current license utilization"/>
  <view name="previous day index utilization"/>
  <view name="sum-kb-host"/>
  <view name="sum-kb-host-table"/>
  <view name="audit cleared"/>
  <view name="failed-logins-24h"/>
  <view name="installs-lastday"/>

The Dashboard Menu is showing but the Searches menu is not showing.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @hartfoml

Just wanted to see if @alacercogitatus' answer below solved your issue or if you've seen it already. Thanks!


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Verily, I beseech thee, know thine data, and searches contained there-in. For, and I express this most warily, if thine views exist no longer, then surely how could they be visible, such as the moon is to my eye? Nay, for when such views cannot be seen, then surely one can't link to them. A solution, then perhaps?! Rightly so, for creating such views to exist is surely like raising dead to live! And thereafter, one may hit the debug/refresh call! (https://yoursplunk/en-US/debug/refresh) And behold! In it's glory, such as that of fighting upon the fields of battle, you shall see unto thine eyes, the Menu of Searchery!!!!

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Your views aren't being seen by Splunk, so they either don't exist, or don't have the right permissions. Create them, make the global, move them to the App with the nav xml, and hit the debug/refresh url. That should make them appear.