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SingleValue always displays N/A if count==0

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I'm trying to create a dashboard that shows the status of a few applications running on a server. I'm using the Linux for Splunk app and I'm running ps and top every minute or two. The search works fine, and I use count to see if the process is running. When I try to display it, it correctly shows "Yes" if count>0, but it shows "N/A" if count==0 instead of "No". I found a similar question here, but it was never answered. I also tried using fillnull as outlined here so that there is always a search result, but that doesn't seem to work either. I still get "N/A" when there are no results (but it still works and displays "Yes" if count>0). Is there any way to get SingleValue to display something other than "N/A" if there are no results? I'm relatively new to Splunk, so any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Here is my current code:

<view template="dashboard.html">

index="os" host="myserver"


search "MyApp1" | fillnull watch value="nowatchvalue" | stats count by watch |
stats max(count) as lista | fillnull lista value="0" | eval count=if(watch=="nowatchvalue",0,count) |
eval isrunning=if(count==0,"No","Yes") | rangemap field=lista low=0-4 default=severe

MyApp1 Status
<!-- SingleValue -->
<!-- HiddenPostProcess -->

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This :

... | stats count

will return 0 if there's no results

this :

... | stats count by watch

will return nothing if there's no results, because there's no 'watch' to split over, you dont get 0, so the rangemap doesnt have a value.

So you need to add a dummy line with lista=0 when appropriate.

... | stats max(count) as lista 
    | appendpipe [ stats count | eval lista=if(count==0,0,NULL) | fields - count ] | ...

etc etc. You could move the check forward in the search too, but this is the easiest way to explain it