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Single value with trellis have to show color based on field value

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Hi Team, 

Kindly help me with the below scenario.


As shown in the diagram my query is index=main |stats count by log_level


I would like to show the background color for Error is red, Warn is Amber, Info is green. The color shouldn't depend on the values. Whatever the count it does not matter. when the panels should always show red for ERROR Warn is Amber, Info is green



Kindly help me on the same 


Thanks & Regards,



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you want this right ? 

Right mouse click on screen then click on inspect and and then check for the html tag where your value is, as you can see in below image there is a "id" in the div tag which is unique to my single value 


and you can also see my id="singlevalue" which is the child of div tag which have id="facet-viz_groupby_field_sourcetype_groupby_value_splunk_web_service", you will also see something similar for your panel. Since id is unique, I can use this to change the background color. Then create a .css file(for e.g. color.css) in $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/<your-app-name>/appserver/static. And in that CSS file write the following code:

1. if you want background like red one, then write: 


(here "#facet-viz_groupby_field_sourcetype_groupby_value_splunk_web_access" is the id you saw in above image"

2. if you want background like green one, then write:


(here "div#singlevalue" is written to identify the child of "#facet-viz_groupby_field_sourcetype_groupby_value_splunk_web_service" )

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Thank you



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