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Singal value - Jumping to 0 and then back to correct value on dashboard



I have a signal that I am updating every 5 seconds, but it jumps to 0 every now and again.

The issue is a user can read this and think all the processes are gone off the system

What it should look like


This happens every now and again, So how do I get it to wait for the job to be 100% finished before it updates the answer?



          <query>| mstats max("mx.process.cpu.utilization") as cpuPerc WHERE "index"="metrics_test" AND mx.env=http://mx20267vm:15000 span=2m BY pid cmd process.name service.type host.name service.name 
| table _time pid 
| stats count(pid) as Cnt by _time 
| table _time Cnt 
| timechart max(Cnt) span=2m</query>


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