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Im trying to create grid of scatter plots. I should be able to pick pairs of ChannelNumbers and display MeanValue comming from them in separate plots. My initial search query was:

index=main  ChannelNumber=10 OR ChannelNumber=11 OR ChannelNumber=12 OR ChannelNumber=13 |  eval chartName=case(ChannelNumber=10, "ChartOne", ChannelNumber=11, "ChartOne", ChannelNumber=12, "ChartTwo", ChannelNumber=13, "ChartTwo")  | eval valueX = if(ChannelNumber=10, MeanValue, valueX) | eval valueY = if(ChannelNumber=11, MeanValue, valueY)| eval valueX = if(ChannelNumber=12, MeanValue, valueX) | eval valueY = if(ChannelNumber=13, MeanValue, valueY) | timechart avg(valueX) avg(valueY) by chartName

this should create Plot named "ChartOne" with ChannelNumber10 on X axis and ChannelNumber11 on Y, plot "ChartTwo" with Channel12 as X and Channel13 as Y.
However this query has a bug if same ChannelNumber gets selected for more than one plot. (for example- "ChartOne"x:10,y:11 "ChartTwo"x:10,y:12). Can anyone help me with either upgrading a query or changing my approach to it?
thank you!

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