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Regx to remove bolded text

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Hello all,

I'm bringing data into Splunk as json but it coming bold text in front that throw off the json. 

Any suggestion on regx to remove the bold text?

<165>Feb 29 19:06:30 server01 darktrace {"hostname":"ss-26138-03","label":"","ip_address":"","child_id":null,"name":"age_alert-inaccessible_ui","priority":61,"priority_level":"high","alert_name":"Datatrace / Email: Inaccessible UI","status":"Resolved","message":"The UI is inaccessible, this could be the result of a misconfiguration or network error.","last_updated":1709233590.814423,"last_updated_status":1709233590.814423,"acknowledge_time":null,"acknowledge_timeout":null,"uuid":"1111114d-6e72-4029-8ac2-5d051be02ad5","url":"https://server01/sysstatus?alert=1481514d-6e72-4029-8ac2-5d051be02ad5","creationTime":1709233590814}


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One way is using SEDCMD.  Add this to the appropriate props.conf file:

SEDCMD-rmJSONprefix = s/^[^\{]+?//


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