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Poor formatting for report export to CSV

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In the first picture, you can see the desired layout of the report in CSV.


The second picture displays the corresponding results in Splunk after running the report.


However, in the final picture you can see the exported CSV is hard to read, and the values of the far-right columns are one long string without newlines.


Here's the SPL.

index=index host=host sourcetype="db_backup_size" OR sourcetype=df
| eval usage=Size+" "+Name, OldestBackup=OldestBackup+" "+Name
| eval Environment="Production",
    "Server info (LDOM)"="LDOM",
    "Mount Point"="Mount Point",
    "Backup Filesystem"="/backup",
    "Local mount"="/b"
| chart latest(Environment) as Environment,
    latest("Server info (LDOM)") as "Server info (LDOM)",
    latest("Mount Point") as "Mount Point",
    latest("Backup Filesystem") as "Backup Filesystem",
    latest("Local mount") as "Local mount",
    latest(Size) as "Allocation", latest(Used) as "Usage", values(usage) as "Usage for Each Database", values(OldestBackup) as "Oldest Backup Set"

How can I export something that resembles the first picture? Thank you!

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Hi @mxanareckless,

Splunk exports multivalue fields correctly to CSV file. In order to se them nice in Excel, you should save file as XLSX, convert text to columns using Data | "Text to Columns" menu (Delimeter as comma), then enable "Word Wrap" on multivalue columns.

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